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More blends are available; I will post them (at least a few)... meanwhile, call me to discuss your needs. I custom blend on request.

Our Tobacco Blends-- AROMATIC

Naragansett Tobacco Blend Narragansett - smooth, light, and aromatic. Virginia, Burley, and our special enhanced vanilla flavor .
Sherwood Forest Tobacco Blend Sherwood Forest - very mild Virginia and Green River tobaccos with a delightful balanced aroma.
Oriental Spice Tobacco Blend Oriental  Spice - and now for something completely different! Rich Oriental tobaccos ,black Virginia,and eleven aromatic spices. rich, smooth,with the aroma of spice cake.
Black & White Tobacco E.T.G> - A very cool smoking mild blend of fine White Burley tobaccos, Black Cavendish and Virginia mellowed with a bit of the finest Turkish. My latest creation. Absolutely no bite, unique aroma.

Our Tobacco Blends--Non Aromatic

(English Style, Virginia, Burley, Flake, etc.)  Posting of a few will follow... meanwhile, feel free to call!

Golden Slices Tobacco

Golden Slices - The traditional "navy cut". Soft smoking golden tobaccos ready to be rubbed to the consistancy you prefer.

Harry's Legacy Harry's Legacy - I think my grandfater would have been proud of this special complex "English" style that I have spared no expense in creating. Hand blended, well aged, with many nuances and subtleties throughout the smoke.
Sweetened Cigar Leaf Tobacco Sweetened Cigar Leaf- What its' name implies. Good as is, or to add flavor to a mild blend.
Full Dark English Tobacco English Oriental "C"- Heavy bodied, cool smoking. AAA Latakia,several Virginia grades and lots of Turkish. Very slow burning due to the richness of the component tobaccos.
Double Cut Burley Tobacco HARRY'S TRADITIONAL IRISH - An old fashioned tobacco. Hand cut into small, slow burning cubes, flavored in the old Irish way.





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