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Nearly a century ago, Don Eduardo Leon Jimenes found an ideal combination of climate and soil to grow his Cuban-seed tobacco. It was in the Santiago de los Caballeros, in the Dominican Republic. This was the beginning of La Aurora cigars, and almost 100 years later, things are done much the same way as they were from the beginning. Characterised by dark oily wrappers, full tobacco flavours enriched with spice, and perfect burning qualities which the connoisseur will especially appreciate. Look and taste far more expensive that they are. Always highly rated. Very highly recommended, particularly the robustos which are absolutely WONDERFUL!

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Size Dimensions Box Ct Single Price Box Price
No. 1 6 X 58 25    
No. 2 5 X 54 25    
No. 3 4 X 50 25    
No. 1 Maduro 6 x 58 25    
No. 2 Maduro 5 x 54 25    
#2 24